Fear is a tricky beast to nail down. People often say “Doesn’t that scare you?” or “Aren’t you afraid you might get hurt?” The simple answer is yes.  I won’t lie, I often question the intelligence of some of my actions.  To me the question of fear lies in your reaction to it.  With many fears when they are illuminated by the spotlight of perspective, they are shown to be irrational. Spiders anyone? Although with that being said I have my irrational and slightly paralyzing fears as well. See below

Not what I want to find in my shoe

Not what I want to find in my shoe

I watched a TED talk recently that provided a pretty good example.  The whale ship, Essex, was sunk by a sperm whale far off the coast of South America in the Pacific Ocean. This was the same ship that would serve as inspiration of Hermann Melville’s Moby Dick. The closest islands to them were the Marques Island, however they were thought to be inhabited by cannibals. So instead they decided to try for the coast of South America.  Their fear of cannibals drove them to choose the much longer and more difficult route. Almost 100 days in to their perilous journey many of them had succumbed to their gnawing hunger and ate their fellow passengers. They had become the very thing they feared the most. Bye the time the last remaining survivors were rescued they were extremely dissociative.  Granted this is an extreme example but it illustrates how fear can consume your thought process and ultimately others. (okay, sorry bad joke) but you might say it left a bad taste in your mouth.

Fear is blinders. You are right the world is a dangerous place. But the fallacy is thinking your world is not. I am currently living in a city which is to me less hospitable than some of the “dangerous” places I have been in the world. Fear shouldn’t be your governor it should temper your energy for life.

This brings me to my feelings on fear, it is different for everyone. Your probably thinking duh, Look at you Pine the Philosopher!  But I have a confusion to make. You know what scares me, this blog. Besides the fact that who knows what they will be able to dig up from this blog when I run from president.  But rather it scares me that I might misspeak or mislead someone by my words. Over coming the fear of getting killed while on Safari, I discovered creatures so amazing and unique that only God could have created them and I am not talking about snakes. That is what I hope to find with this blog as I am sure that there are many people out there with amazing stories.

Apologies on the long post. But for those of you interested here is the link to that TED talk.  If you haven’t heard about TED Talks consider yourself addicted now. They are bit sized pieces of all things eclectic. What Fear Can Teach Us by Karen Thompson


11/10-Seattle Airport


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