Traveling Partners. All you need to know

Their name that is it.

Ok I joke but this post addresses a question I get asked all the time. Should I travel alone or with friends?

I wish that there was a simple answer to this question, but sadly it is different for everyone.  I personally love traveling with other people.

When you are traveling you are making experiences and when your are sharing those experiences with some one else it creates this bonds. You will always have that memory to share with that person. For instance, my first backpacking trip through Europe with two friends, Darren and Ari and my sister Nevada. While visiting  Zermatt Switzerland, I couldn’t sleep so I ended up getting out of bed at around 4am to go relax outside and watch the sunrise. 15 minutes later, Ari walks out, she couldn’t sleep either, we sat there and watched the sunrise creep up the side of the Matterhorn.  That is something that we will share for the rest of our lives (I know cue the tissue paper and tears), but think about it?

It is for that exact thing that I prefer to travel with other people because no matter what, you are sharing experiences together. Now should you travel with close friends or acquaintance. To be completely honest, it is not about how well you know the person, in fact some of the coolest people I have traveled with, I have only known them through friends. sometimes they are complete strangers. Rather I look for certain things in the people I chose to share experiences with.

1. Flexibility

Crashing the Cannes Film Festival

Crashing the Cannes Film Festival

Eric and I were bored and obviously the best remedy is crashing the Cannes Film Festival and Monac

Quick trip to Malta.

Quick trip to MaltaCorey jumped at the chance to spend the weekend in Malta, even though I mentioned the idea to him on a Monday.  Had an awesome weekend exploring.

Traveling with someone who is flexible in their schedule is imperative because you never know what you might encounter and decide that you have to see. Being able to adapt and change plans will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

2. Adventurous

All smiles before the drop.

All smiles before the drop.

There is only some people who are willing to do crazy things. I don’t mean stupid even though some of you might feeling that way about skydiving.

Pure terror.

Pure terror.

The definition of adventurous is deferent for everyone so surround yourself with people who are adventurous like you.

If your idea of adventurous is staying at a 3 star hotel, then find someone who feels the same way.

If you and your partner are on the same level then no one will come away feeling as if they missed out.

3. Pleasant in the Morning (because I am a bit grumpy)

They love me now matter what time of day. At least I hope so.....

They love me now matter what time of day. At least I hope so…..

This is a personal one and I admit not my favorite thing, but mornings are not my favorite (except in Hawaii). I can be slightly unhappy in the mornings till I get my coffee then I am a veritable angel.

Sunrise ovelooking Hanalei, Hawaii

Sunrise ovelooking Hanalei, Hawaii

What I mean by this criteria is be prepared because you will see the best and worst of the person you are traveling with and they will see the same in you.

They will see you stressed, overjoyed, calm, exhausted, and every other emotion in between. Do you want to see those sides of them? Are you ready for them  to see those sides of you?

4. Off the beaten path ( sometimes onto the forbidden path)

The house of Mayor of Venon, France

The house of Mayor of Venon, France

When you are not afraid to get off the beaten path, often times you are surprised by humanity. A group of friends and me decided to go explaining the small villages around Grenoble, France. Because of a rude bus driver we ended up stuck in the farthest village. We had about a 15km walk back to our dorms. we stopped to take pictures in one of the villages and low and behold  we ran into the mayor of Venon, the village. She gave us a ride all the way back.  The road less traveled is full of surprises.

Swimming in the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Swimming in the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Corey and I couldn’t resist the water, it looked so inviting. We quickly found that it could have froze a Polar Bear.  I don’t think I have ever jumped out so fast.

Is your traveling partner willing to get off the beaten path and see the unconventional?  Are they willing to break the norm and do something unexpected or unusual? This is one of my most important traits.

5. Not to proud to hit up a McDo

We are McDo experts.

We are McDo experts, no pride here

We developed a theory, that McDonalds are like mothers. You might not like what they are serving, but they will always be there for you with open arms (or in their case, arches.)

Many a time I have sought the comfort of a McDo because I know that there will be free Wifi, cheap almost edible food, and a warm place to sleep.  If you travel on a budget, then be ready to get off your high horse and hit up a McDo.

6. Willing to share their passions.

Chase taught me how to catch fish like a ninja.

Chase taught me how to catch fish like a ninja.

People are interesting, at least you hope so. If your traveling partner is dull well things won’t get far.

I love sharing my passions and learning my traveling partner’s passions.

While working in Alaska, Chase taught me how to catch fish and sparked a life time passion.

Passion for food

Passion for food

My close friend and one of the best travel partners, Darren loves food. Needless to say it was not hard for me to get on board with that passion. I love food and food loves me except clams those are not my friends.

Seeing someone light up when they are sharing their passion is one of the most exciting things and sharing that passion. Surround yourself with people have passion, it is the spice of life.


goofyA deal breaker.

Finding someone that you can be yourself around and still have fun with out having to worry about them looking at you like you are an idiot. You know you have found a special group when they will plank with you on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

goofy 2 Having to pretend to be someone else is exhausting. Being able to be yourself around who ever you are traveling with will make the entire much more enjoyable. Sometimes we just have to much weirdness and we have to let it out.

So I hope that I have not bored you with this rather long post. Just thought I would share what I look for in a person when I am thinking about traveling with them.  Hopefully, this will help you figure out what you are looking for in a person and what people  should expect from you.


Phillz Coffee, San Jose


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